Fondazione Berengo was founded in 2014 to become the leading institutional voice for the renewal of the Venetian centuries-old glass art tradition and its introduction in the sphere of contemporary art

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A project by Penzo+Fiore

Curatorial pool
Daniele Capra | Pietro Gaglianò | Matteo Bergamini | Lorenzo Balbi

A cycle of contemporary art exhibitions aimed at research, based on the strength of contents and related to glass only from a conceptual and metaphorical perspective.
The project aims to propose exhibitions that go beyond the research on glass historically carried out by the Fondazione, and strives to be irreverent, determined, courageous, but above all meaningful and necessary.

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First exhibition: Linea di principio, 7 December, 2018 – 9 February, 2019

Next appointments

Linea di principio. Talk

Thursday, January 24, 2019, 6pm

with Nemanja Cvijanović (artist), Riccardo Caldura (professor of Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Venice), Daniele Capra (curator of the exhibition)

Scouting tank: Platform for young artists

Thursday, January 3, 2019, 5.30pm

with Rebecca Moccia/Marina Bastianello, Francesco Pozzato/Stefano Coletto, Eva Chiara Trevisan/Penzo+Fiore, Matteo Vettorello/Riccardo Caldura

Linea di principio. Talk

Thursday, February 7, 2019, 6pm

with Giovanni Morbin (artist), Gianluca Solla (professor of Theoretical Philosophy, University of Verona), Daniele Capra (curator of the exhibition)