Eva Chiara Trevisan

Eva Chiara Trevisan (Treviso, 1991) lives and works in Venice, Italy. She holds a BA Painting (2015) and MA Decoration
(2017) from the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice. Most recent projects include the 2017 ‘Luoghi per Sottrazione’ residency
programme in Matera (Italy); four months studio practice at the Centro de Arte Contemporanea de Huarte in Pamplona,
Spain (2018); and she is currently based in Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa of Venice, as winner of a scholarship
and studio post holder. Her practice focus on the research on the Self, Time, Contemplation and Alchemical Transmutation.

Eva Chiara Trevisan, Sublimazione Inversa

Eva Chiara Trevisan, Forma Sensibile

Eva Chiara Trevisan, Paesaggio n.6