In 2014, Fondazione Berengo collaborated with Ruinart, the world famous Champagne house in France. Ruinart had commissioned Hubert Le Gall, a French artist and scenographer, to tell the story of the champagne of the House of Ruinart with his art.

When Le Gall considered glass for expressing his vision of Ruinart, he went to Murano to make the glass because its ancestral expertise was as old and well known as that of the champagne house.

The choice of the glassmaster was also important and because of its work with leading contemporary artists, Berengo Studio was chosen.

As Ruinart described Le Gall’s collaboration with Berengo Studio:
“This collaboration – an extraordinary experience for Hubert – provided him with the opportunity to work with a new material. The beauty of glass is derived from its imperfections, roughness and bubbles. It is a material which reflects the Chardonnay, offering ideal transparency, with the play of light and numerous possibilities to explore a wide range of colours.”

Le Gall, working with the glass maestros, created twelve different sculptures in coloured glass, each representing a month of the year in the of colours of the grapes through the seasons, a tribute to the passage of time. The sculptures will be shown in 28 art fairs around the world in 2015 as a joyful tribute to the House of Ruinart.