Fondazione Berengo and the State Hermitage Museum are proud to present “Tony Cragg, Sculptures and Drawings”, a special exhibition dedicated to the British artist, from March 1st until May 7th 2016 at the Hermitage.

Tony Cragg (1949) is one of the most famous contemporary sculptors. Born in Liverpool, he then moved to Wuppertal, Germany, where he currently lives and works.

Tony Cragg began rising as an artist in the 1970s with a focus on minimalist and conceptual art. His early works were monumental compositions often made of found objects. Later the artist turned to the exploration of form and surface, experimenting with miscellaneous materials ranging from wood, stone and metal to those less common in sculpture such as kevlar, rubber, plastic and glass.

The artist’s interest in different materials is a key element in his philosophy, as he said in an interview for Glasstress, the collateral exhibition of the Venice Biennale organized by Fondazione Berengo: “There’s nothing without material. Everything is material. My interest in sculpture is a material interest. We’re surrounded by material. You can say a thing is geometric, or you can say it’s organic, and so these are two apparently very different aesthetic descriptions of the physical world. They are not at all two separate things, they are two facets of the same object. I’m interested in watching how a geometric form starts to have an emotional quality”.

The exhibition that was specifically designed by the artist for the State Hermitage Museum features 55 sculptures and drawings from last two decades, including new glass works realized in the Berengo Studio’s furnace in Murano, Venice.

The curator of the exhibition is Dr. Dimiti Ozerkov, a head of the Contemporary art department of the State Hermitage Museum and the Hermitage 20/21 project.
Nadezda Sinyutina from the Contemporary art department is an assistant curator.