Barbara De Vivi

Barbara De Vivi (Venice, 1992) carries out her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice where she graduates in 2018. She participates at the Erasmus + project studying at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. In 2017 De Vivi won an artist studio at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa and the Combat Prize. She takes part in various art fairs and wins the 2018 Euromobil Under 30 Award.She takes part to many exhibition including La scintilla latente (curated by Carlo Sala; Ca’ dei Ricchi, Treviso, 2019), Il disegno politico italiano (curated by Aurora Fonda; AplusA gallery, Venice, 2019) Selvatico 13 (curated by Massimiliano Fabbri; Palazzo Pezzi, Cotignola, 2018), Brain Tooling  (curated by Gianluca D’Incà Levis, Petra Cason and Riccardo Caldura; Forte di Monte Ricco, Pieve di Cadore, 2018), 10 little indians (curated by Silvia Giambrone and Fabrizio Pizzuto; MLAC, Rome, 2018). She lives and works in Venice.

The focus of Barbara De Vivi’s research is the recurrence of themes and iconographies in the history of art, their development and transformation, the interweaving of traditions and variations that connect the ancient to the contemporary.
The artist finds her references in paintings and stories related to the mythology, to the lives of saints and in contemporary photographs, often linked to her own experience. Through drawing De Vivi creates a personal archive from which unexpected connections appear between  distant themes that she make visible through painting.
The oil technique in large sized canvases allows the artist to operate in an impulsive way, to edit figures for all the duration of the work and to layer multiple scenes. As well as in her memory some stories mingle, overlap, others are clouded, of some remains just a detail.
The image becomes autonomous from the original project  outlining a new story, familiar and yet unintelligible.

Barbara De Vivi, Demone Meridiano

Barbara De Vivi, Apparizione nella Grotta

Barbara De Vivi, Medea