Miriam Montani 

Miriam Montani (B. 1986 Cascia, Perugia) is an artist living and working between Cascia, Venice and Milan. Since achieving her degree at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice, from 2008 to 2016 she has dedicated her talents to the LuciSorgenti project, an annual exhibition inviting emerging artists to interact with the spaces and collections of the Civic Museums of Cascia. After much success, in 2016 founded SciameProject, an online curated art platform which involves more than 130 participants consisting of artists, curators, critics, cultural operators and voices on the Umbrian territory. Miriam Montani, since 2015, periodically takes an active part at ProgettoBorca, Dolomiti Contemporanee by exhibiting sight specific installations. Currently, is an artist in residence at Viafarini Docva, Milan.



Miriam Montani, Sogni 42 + 5

Miriam Montani, Diario Immaginario della Colonia Eni di Borca di Cadore

Miriam Montani, Studio per Radicamenti